Online cash loan application. Differences from a regular cash loan application

how does it all come together – applying for a loan online (ie remotely, via the Internet) and getting credit money in cash? It turns out that at the current technological level, this is not a big problem.

Exchange of information via the Internet (online) between the applicant (individual) and the creditor (MFI), the lender and the bank provides from any location of the client where there is internet access:

  • to apply to the applicant in real time;
  • MFIs promptly process electronic customer bases for credit risk assessment;
  • ensures that the bank promptly transfers non-cash funds to an electronic bank card, located with the applicant.

and to transfer cash from a bank card for today is not a problem at all, in almost any settlement it can be done around the clock, through a wide network of ATMs. Another thing is when it comes to loans with a bad credit card.


Fast converting an online cash loan application

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From experience, from the beginning of making an electronic credit application in the MFIs to receiving the loan money on an electronic card, it is quite possible to really invest in some half an hour. After that, just go to the nearest “refilled” ATM (as an option, you can apply for a loan directly from your mobile gadget, already standing at the ATM), and urgently need the cash in your pocket! Let’s agree that this is incredible convenience and efficiency, just recently unheard of! And this is given that, unlike classic network banks, micro-lending services to many MFIs are provided around the clock, even without weekend breaks!

Even a couple of years ago, in a burning, difficult situation, we desperately rushed in search of urgent money, broke off the phones of all our close and familiar people, and even acquaintances of our acquaintances, looking forward to the morning when the branches or pawnshops opened. And today, thanks to the services of MFIs, it is possible at any time, from almost any place of location (for example, mobile Internet to a smartphone can be accepted almost anywhere in Ukraine), you can safely apply for a credit through the Internet, and quickly get the necessary money, without even having much time to “steam” about it.


What is an online cash loan application ?

What is an online cash loan application ?

All of the applicant’s job in getting a quick micro-credit online (card) is to choose the right MFI (for the convenience and convenience of credit terms), self-fill, and submit a loan application, which is usually found here, on the website of the selected MFI. The main feature of micro-lending through MFIs is that practically all of this work will be done by the applicant on their own, without the assistance of a credit institution employee (consultant). Although, in extreme cases, if the applicant has serious questions, the call of the online assistance of a financial advisor is still available on the websites of many “micro” financial institutions.


On the front page of the MFI website

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Of course, getting acquainted with the first page of the MFI website can be considered the beginning of the online application for a loan . Usually, the first page introduces the client (the applicant) to the basic terms of the loan, such as: available loan options, credit terms and interest rates, credit repayment procedure (scheme), preferential preferences, penalties and situations their application. Here are the first, but important steps to make a loan application-ndash; self-selected (from available) the desired amount of credit money and the term of their use (return).


Questionnaire part of the loan application

Subsequently, on the following pages of the site, the online application for a loan at the MFI website is usually an electronic questionnaire. Answers to the questionnaire should be entered in the free fields yourself, using a computer keyboard or mobile gadget.

It should be noted that further processing of the declared information and its verification by electronic client bases will be carried out as much as possible automated, by a computer program that makes mistakes very “does not like” and badly “understands” them. Therefore, it is necessary to enter (declare) the information in the application-questionnaire as carefully as possible, without errors and distortions. If the declared information inadvertently or intentionally makes mistakes or distortions, you can easily “work” on the automatic refusal of MFIs in granting a loan.

In order to minimize the likelihood of errors in the declared information, it is advisable to have “with you” the following documents and objects:

  • passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • individual tax identification number (IDN) card;
  • a valid electronic bank card of any Ukrainian bank) on which you intend to accept credit funds;
  • working mobile phone with a stated contact number.

The questions of an online MFI loan application are usually small and very simple. As a rule, they relate to passport data, IDN, electronic bank card information, contact mobile number. Often, a contact phone is automatically verified immediately (online) by sending an SMS with an alphanumeric code to it, which must be entered in the appropriate check box of the questionnaire. In addition, questions about the applicant’s place of residence (address) and his place of employment may be available.

After filling in all the fields of the questionnaire, remembering that the data will be verified by “machine”, all the declared information should be checked again carefully by letters and numbers. Then find the “send” button (or with another, similar in meaning) and “click”. This submission of an online MFI loan application can be considered completed.


Convert MFI Fast Online Credit to Cash

Convert MFI Fast Online Credit to Cash

After applying for a credit online , until the credit card is credited, everything happens without the applicant’s participation. Even if it is night time, it usually takes a short time – literally minutes (remember that the information processing process is as automated as possible). Once you have received the answer to your phone number about the MFI’s positive decision to apply for a loan , boldly go to the nearest ATM and simply withdraw cash from the card.