Insured loans – yes or no?

Loan insurance is an additional cost generated by our loan. However, are there any benefits to payday insurance? Who earns on insurance and will the loan insurance really pass us by? First, let’s explain what loan repayment insurance really is. […]

What is loan refinancing?

Do you have a problem paying off your liability? See if the non-bank company where you took out the loan is able to refinance it. Along with the development of website functionalities, the offer of additional services is also changing, […]

Should You Use Consumer Loans As Equity

It has become more difficult in recent years to enter the housing market, especially because of the requirement for 15% equity. Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that the media has expressed concern that more and more people, especially young […]

First loan – how to prepare for it?

For many young people getting a first loan is a challenge, so you have to be prepared for it. Before we discuss specific proposals, it is worth mentioning what is the biggest obstacle before getting the first loan. This is […]

How To Increase Your Chances To Get Loan

Most people who apply for consumer loans are granted the loan application as long as you have an income in excess of $ 200,000, are over 20 years old and have no payment notes. Banks may refuse loan applications. Are […]